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Catholic Schools Week

This year’s Catholic Schools' Week commences on Sunday 27th January and runs through to February 3rd  2019. 

The theme for this year is  “Catholic Schools: Celebrating the Work of Our Own Catholic School”.


The themes for the individual days very much describe the faith life of a Catholic school.

Day 1 – Our Catholic School: Living Tradition

Day 2 – Our Catholic School: Welcoming Diversity

Day 3 – Our Catholic School: Intergenerational

Day 4 – Our Catholic School: In Service of Our Community

Day 5 – Our Catholic School: Supporting Faith

This year’s theme is very much a celebration of the ongoing work of our Catholic schools. We reflect on the Gospel values on which all Catholic schools are built and consider how each of us contribute to our characteristic spirit. The engagement with understanding the Mystery of Christ and the revelation that comes from Scriptures is the ‘bedrock for Catholic schools’ (Fr Michael Drumm).

We consider the elements that make our schools welcoming and think about how welcoming each of us are. What can we do to ensure that each student can say ‘I am home’ as part of our Catholic school community? And it is not just about the students. We are mindful of all members of our school community.

We reflect on the contributions that the younger generation and the older generation bring to our school communities.

This Catholic Schools’ Week we also take time to think about what it means to serve others / serve God.

This requires us to identify times when we have been served but also identify how we serve / have served others.

And finally, we look at how we celebrate our faith in our Catholic schools and how this faith connects us to others.

This faith calls for a ‘free,’ ‘active,’ and ‘communal’ response.

Therefore, our faith calls us to action together.

Please see below the Catholic Schools' Week resources available.



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