AS and Advanced level


Studying Design and Technology beyond GCSE level provides an opportunity for College students to develop their own creativity, capability and entrepreneurial skills. Past projects undertaken have covered a broad spectrum of technologies and skills from electronics to heavy engineering.

In many cases students have taken on real life design briefs from industrial and agricultural origin, developed and realised very innovative and successful product solutions, many with patent potential. In recent years many College students have achieved regional awards and national recognition for their A level products in the Young Innovators / Young Engineers for Britain competition.

However, although coursework is a challenging and rewarding element of the AS and A2 levels, accounting for 60% of the marks, the theoretical aspects are also important, aiming to give an insight into the technologies and designs which shape our lives.

The current syllabus is Edexcel Design and Technology (Product Design - Resistant materials).

In the first year AS (Sixth form) two units are studied, which together form the AS level.


AS Level

Unit 1.  Portfolio of Creative Skills. (60% AS course / 30% of full A level)

This unit has three components:

Product Investigation - Students undertake analysis and comparisons of commercial products to investigate their design and manufacture.

Product Design -Students identify an opportunity to design a product to meet a need or situation.

Product Manufacture -Students manufacture and test the product which they have designed.


Unit 1. is the coursework unit for AS level and is internally assessed and externally moderated by Edexcel.

Unit 2.  Design and Technology in Practice (40% AS course / 20% of full A level)

  • Materials and Components
  • Industrial and Commercial practice
  • Quality
  • Health and Safety


Unit 2.  is the study of theoretical aspects of Product Design and is assessed in a 1 ½ hour examination.


A2 Level

To achieve a full A level qualification candidates will study two further units in the second year (Upper Sixth) A2 which have similar weighting to the AS units.

Unit 3. Designing for the Future (40% AS course / 20% of full A level)

  • Industrial and Commercial Practice
  • Systems and Control
  • Design in context
  • Sustainability


Unit 3.  is the study of theoretical aspects of Product Design and is assessed in a 1� hour examination.


Unit4. Commercial Design

Students are required to identify potential or an opportunity to design and manufacture a resistant materials product which will have good commercial viability.

Unit 4. is the coursework unit for A2 level which is internally assessed and externally moderated by Edexcel.

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