New Primary Transfer Arrangements 2016-17

The documents below are available to download. They can also be requested from the school.

 Please click here for documentation relevant for Special Circumstances 2016-17.




Mon 16th May 2016

Registration packs are available from Assessment Centres or their websites or from the PPTC website (


Fri 23rd September 2016

Deadline (2:00pm) for receipt of completed Registration Forms.


Sat 19th November 2016

Entrance Assessment.


Mon 28th November 2016

Deadline (2:00pm) for receipt of requests to take the Supplementary Assessment.


Sat 10th December 2016

Supplementary Entrance Assessment.


Fri 16th December 2016

Deadline (2:00pm) for requesting claims for Special Circumstances.


Fri 27th January 2017

Results of Entrance Assessment posted (first class) to children's homes.


Fri 10th February 2017

Deadline for receipt of requests for re-mark of the Entrance Assessment.


Please feel free to  contact us if there is any further information you would like us to include on this page.

The information on this page is updated annually.

The following schools are acting together as a local consortium:

  • Abbey Christian Brothers Grammar School Newry
  • Our Lady's Grammar School Newry
  • Sacred Heart Grammar School Newry
  • St Colman's College Newry
  • St LouisGrammar School Kilkeel

When completing the Registration Form, please note that it is not necessary to list three Assessment Centres in SECTION 4 (Assessment Centre Location); instead, please send the completed Registration Form to:

The Entrance Assessment Officer,
Newry and Kilkeel Registration Centre,
c/o Sacred Heart Grammar School,
10, Ashgrove Avenue,
Newry BT34 1PR

After the close of the Registration period on the 23rd  September (2:00pm), all of the Applicants from the same Primary School will be assigned to one of the five schools listed above and they must sit the Entrance Assessment in that designated Assessment Centre.

The Centre assigned for the Entrance Assessment has no bearing upon the choice of schools for September 2017. Pupils and Parents will decide to which schools they wish to apply as at present i.e. after attending Open Nights in December / January and after the receipt of results on the 27th January 2017.


File Type File Name File Size
PPTC Sample Familiarisation English Assessment Booklet(2) 0.18MB
PPTC Access Arrangements Form Medical Information AA2 2016 17(1) 0.19MB
PPTC Access Arrangements Form Special Educational Needs AA3 2016 17(1) 0.45MB
PPTC Entrance Assessment Registration Form Guidance Notes 2016 17(1) 0.28MB
PPTC Entrance Assessment Registration Form 2016 17(1) 0.45MB
PPTC FAQs 2017 0.19MB
PPTC Registration Pack List & Timetable 2016 17(1) 0.27MB
PPTC Remark Form RM1 2017 0.09MB
PPTC Access Arrangements Form AA1 2016 17(1) 0.02MB
PPTC Sample Familiaisation Mathematics Assessment Booklet(2) 0.18MB
St Colmans College Admissions Policy 2016 17 0.28MB
PPTC Sample Familiarisation Gaeilge Answer Sheet OMR(1) 0.05MB
PPTC Sample Familiarisation Gaeilge Assessment Booklet(2) 0.17MB
PPTC Sample Familiarisation Mathematics Answer Sheet OMR(1) 0.05MB
PPTC Sample Familiarisation Mathematics Gaeilge Answer Sheet OMR(1) 0.05MB
PPTC Sample Familiarisation Mathematics Gaeilge Assessment Booklet(1) 0.17MB
PPTC Schools List 2016 17(1) 0.18MB
PPTC Special Provision Form SP1 2017 0.05MB
PPTC Specification of the Entrance Assessment 2016 17(1) 0.25MB
PPTC Sample English English Answer Sheet OMR(1) 0.05MB

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