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20 March 2012

Congratulations to Yr 14 Mark McEvoy and his Design & Technology teacher, Mr Barton, who recently travelled to the NEC in Birmingham for the UK finals of the 'Big Bang' - UK Science and Engineering Fair.

Mark’s route to success began in June 2011 at the Odyssey Arena Belfast when he won the Senior Engineering prize at the Northern Ireland Regional finals of the Young Engineers / Young Innovators competition with his AS Design and Technology Project the ‘Multi – Lift’.The prize included the opportunity to compete at the National Science and Engineering Competition finals in the NEC Birmingham this weekend  against the best young designers and engineers in the UK.

Mark’s product the ‘Multi – Lift’ was designed to be easily and quickly attached to the front loader of a tractor. Once fitted the operator can hydraulically control a jib with an offset hook to lift and position 500 KG bags of fertilizer without the need to leave the cab. The product is designed for use in an agricultural or construction environment and is extremely versatile enabling it to lift a variety of common loads.

The judges at the NEC were very impressed with the concept of the ‘Multi – Lift’ and in particular Mark’s ability to convey his ideas and demonstrate the final product in use with a DVD. Judges also remarked on the depth to which Mark researched into the forces and loadings the product is exposed to in use. Visitors to the exhibition commented on the impressive presentation of Mark’s display of design work and the high quality shop finish of the ‘Multi – Lift’.


At the award ceremony Mark was awarded the following prizes:


  • The Royal Academy of Engineering Senior 1st Prize, £500 and a visit to Imperial College London to see the latest advances in engineering techniques such as neuro imaging and materials science.


  • Runner up in the Senior Engineering stream of the National Science and Engineering Competition (second place inUK). Plus £700.


  • Young Engineers forBritainAward for Craftsmanship and £250.

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