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Sixth Form Overview

Students wishing to enter 6th Form in St.Colman’s will normally be required to have 7+   A*-C  grades at GCSE . Students can select from a range of academic and vocational A-level subjects. The entry requirement for most subjects is a minimum grade B at GCSE level in that subject. For a full breakdown of subject entry requirement please see below:

A-Level Subject




Minimum Grade B in GCSE Art



Minimum Grade B in GCSE Maths



-Minimum Grade B in GCSE Biology.

-Grade AA or AB in GCSE DA Science – with A-grades in Biology components.


Business Studies


Grade B or better in GCSE Bus Studies


Minimum Grade B in GCSE Chemistry.

Grade AA or AB in GCSE DA Science – with A-grades in Chemistry components.


Design & Technology

Minimum Grade B in GCSE DT


English Literature

Minimum Grade B in GCSE Eng. Lit

Minimum Grade B in GCSE English.

Environmental Technology


GCSE Geography, Physics, DT.


Minimum Grade B in GCSE French.


Further Maths

Minimum Grade A in GCSE Further Maths.


Health & Social Care




Minimum Grade B in GCSE History.



Minimum Grade B in GCSE ICT.



Minimum Grade B in GCSE Irish.



Minimum Grade B in GCSE Geography.


Government & Politics


GCSE History, English, RS.


Minimum Grade B in GCSE Further Maths.

Minimum Grade A in GCSE Maths.


Moving Image Arts




Minimum Grade B in GCSE Music.


Religious Studies

Minimum Grade B in GCSE RS.


Physical Edcuation

Minimum Grade B in GCSE PE.



Minimum Grade B in GCSE Physcis.

Grade AA or AB in GCSE DA Science – with A-grades in Physics components.




GCSE History, English, RS.

Software Development

Minimum Grade B in GCSE Computer Studies.

Minimum Grade B in GCSE Maths.



Minimum Grade B in GCSE Spanish.





Sport (Double Award)



Construction (Double Award)




Students who choose to return to study post-16 subjects in St.Colman's are expected to maintain high standards in every aspect of school life, and to act as role models for the remainder of the student body. This includes:

  • Wearing the full College uniform at all times
  • Being punctual for school and class each day
  • Adhering to all school rules and regulations
  • Having a mature and responsible approach to ones studies
  • Being fully committed to fulfilling ones academic potential.
  • Contributing to the extra-curricular life of the school

We aim to prepare our students for the next stage in their lives, be that 3rd level education, employment or training. We hope that by setting high standards in all aspects of student life our students leave St. Colman's fully equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of them.


Alongside their timetabled curriculum, students will also be able to avail of a range of facilities in the College. When not in timetabled class, students will be in one of our supervised Study Centres. Equipped with a range of desktop PCs and laptops, the Study Centres are fully wireless, thus enabling students to bring their own devices to school to assist with their studies. Alongside their timetabled curriculum, each student will participate in a post-16 enrichment programme, where life skills are delivered via a series of 6 week long modules. These include:

  • First Aid
  • Home Economics
  • Study Skills
  • Health & Fitness
  • Personal Finance


As part of our extensive Careers programme, and in preparation for UCAS applications and possible attendance at 3rd level institutions, we provide a series of visits, talks and seminars from a range of external groups. Among these we facilitate:

  • UCAS information evening
  • Yr 13 work experience week
  • QUB / UUJ Open Day attendance
  • Student Finance seminar
  • Visits / presentations from RoI and British based universities
  • Careers advisory service


Students will also be able to avail of a wide range of facilities and opportunities while attending the College:

  • Full equipped fitness suite
  • Music recording studio
  • iMac suites
  • Library
  • Reading Room
  • Cashless canteen
  • Careers library
  • Student Car park
  • Language assistants
  • Curricular trips

Students in Yr 14 have the facility to bring their own car to school, with a separate car park being allocated for student parking. Written permission must be granted form both parents and the school authorities in advance of this however.

Useful publications for prospective new students:

  • vhc prospectus 2017

  • st colmans college admissions policy 2016 17(1)(1)

  • subject choice form for as a2 feb 2017

  • as a2 subject choices booklet feb 2017


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