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Year 8

Year Head

Mrs L Grant

Form Class Teacher Room
J1A Mrs K Cummins G28
J1B Mrs C Conlon F10
J1C Mr G Boyle G21
J1D Mrs K Boyle G7
J1E Mr S O'Hare G2

Personal Development Year 8

Programme of Study:

Term One:

Induction/Your School, Your Business Programme

Theme 1: Health and the Whole Person

Theme 2: Feelings & Emotions


Theme 3: Managing Influences and Making Decisions

Theme 4: Self Concept

Term Two:


Internet Safety

Theme 5: Managing Change

Theme 6: Moral Values and Beliefs

Term Three:

Theme 7: Learning about Learning

Theme 8: Safety and Managing Risk

Theme 9: Relationships and Sexuality

Theme 10: Drug Awareness


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