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GCSE Art & Design

GCSE Art and Design builds on the experiences of Key stage 3.

Pupils are encouraged to pursue their own interests and ideas within the confines of the CCEA GCSE syllabus. GCSE Art and Design provides exciting opportunities to work in new areas such as animation, interior design, jewellery and 3D construction.

Students wishing to study A Level Art and Design are expected to have achieved at least a grade B at GCSE.


Students under take the study of CCEA GCSE Music:


Students undertake the core area of study (Repeated Patterns in Music) and two optional areas from a choice of three (Musical Traditions in Ireland, Incidental Music or Vocal Music). Assessment covers composing, performing, listening and appraising.

  • Composing and Appraising 3-6 mins, two compositions each with a composition log, at least one composition must be related to one area of study, internally assessed and externally moderated, 30% weighting, available Summer only.
  • Performing and Appraising up to 10 mins, at least one solo and one ensemble performance, to include one piece related to one of their areas of study, externally assessed, 35% weighting, available Summer only
  • Listening and Appraising One test of aural perception, Part 1 based on the core area and Part 2 based on the two chosen areas, total listening time approx 90 mins, 35% weighting, available Summer only

Assessment Timetable

  • Component 1: Composing & appraising (controlled assessment)   Summer only
  • Component 2: Performing & appraising (controlled assessment)   Summer only
  • Component 3: Listening & appraising (controlled assessment)    Summer only

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