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Art and Design

Key Stage 3

All junior pupils (1st - 3rd year) have one double period of Art and Design per week.

Summary of Key Stage 3 Curriculum The programme of work for Key stage 3 is planned to provide pupils with a variety of opportunities to explore a range of materials, media and processes.

These include drawing, painting, textiles, printing, ceramics, 3D and construction and ICT. Pupils undertake work in 2 and 3 dimensions and examine the work of artists, designers and craftsperson's.


GCSE Art and Design builds on the experiences of Key stage 3.

Pupils are encouraged to pursue their own interests and ideas within the confines of the CCEA GCSE syllabus. GCSE Art and Design provides exciting opportunities to work in new areas such as animation, interior design, jewellery and 3D construction.

Students wishing to study A Level Art and Design are expected to have achieved at least a grade B at GCSE.


A Level Art and Design provides a natural progression from GCSE and is a very successful option for those who have a keen interest in Art and Design.

A level Art and Design is an enjoyable and rewarding course providing career opportunities in areas such as architecture, graphic design, advertising, interior and industrial design, fashion, film and media, art education and art therapy.

Students are encouraged to visit galleries and exhibitions and are given freedom to choose their own themes and briefs for development.


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