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Aim/Overview of Subject:

A-level Accounting helps students to understand the responsibilities of the accountant and the impacts of their recommendations on the business and the wider environment.  Students will gain core knowledge of financial accounting as well as cost and management accounting.  This two-unit specification requires students to build their knowledge and understanding of:

  • Key concepts
  • Principles and techniques that they can apply to real-life scenarios
  • Developing the ability to solve problems logically
  • Analyse data methodically
  • Make reasoned choices and
  • Communicate effectively.

It is not necessary for students to have studied Accounting before commencing work on this specification and no prior knowledge of accounting is necessary.

This qualification is linear; students will sit all their exams at the end of the course.  Before the qualification can be awarded, students must undertake both the assessments.

Unit 1 - Financial Accounting

Unit 2 - Accounting for Analysis and Decision-Making

Assessment -100% Exam Based.  This specification has no Coursework/Controlled Assessment.

There are two equally-weighted units, each assessed externally by a written paper.  Each paper is 50% of A Level and is a 3 hour written examination. There are three compulsory sections in each paper totaling 120 marks:

  • Section A has 10 multiple choice questions and several short answer questions (30 marks)
  • Section B has two structured questions each work 20 marks (40 marks)
  • Section C has two extended answer questions each worth 25 marks (50 marks)

Career Aspirations - This course has obvious links with the world of work and should prove beneficial for those considering careers in a wide range of professions including:  Accountancy, Actuary, Economics, Finance, Retail and Financial Management, Insurance, Investment and Banking.  You may of course decide to use the knowledge and skills gained through studying this course to start up your own business.


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