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A-Level Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology (Applied) 

Examination Board: CCEA


  1. Aim or Overview of Subject Environmental technology is an applied subject which addresses the challenge of developing and adapting our scientific knowledge to support a more sustainable world. It investigates the potential of renewable energy sources to meet our global energy needs and considers how to conserve our resources by redesigning the built environment. Environmental technology is about solving problems while striking a balance between environmental concerns and technological progress.  



  1. Structure of the Course:

Year 13:The Earth’s Capacity to Support Human Activity

Unit 1: Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Unit 2: Global Action

Unit 3: Power Generation

Unit 4: Macrogeneration

Unit 5: Energy from the Sun, Wind & Biomass

Unit 6: Energy Store

Unit 7: Development of Plastics in the future


Year 14: Building and Managing a Sustainable Future

Unit 1: Sustainability & Future Development

 Unit 2: Waste Management

Unit 3: Waste to Energy Technologies

Unit 4: Risk Management

 Unit 5: Hydrogen Fuel Technologies

 Unit 6: Transport System Challenges

Unit 7: Energy Building Performance

Unit 8: Emerging Technologies

Unit 9: The Development of Urban & Rural Sustainable Communities


  1. Assessment


Students are assessed at AS and A2 through both completed assignments and terminal exams in June.

Please see below for a copy of the Specification for this subject:



  • A2AS-EnviroTech-Specification


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