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The specification contributes to spiritual, moral and cultural education by requiring students to study issues in physical and human geography. It also contributes to environmental and sustainable development education by requiring students to develop an understanding of processes and issues in the human environment. Furthermore, the specification has both a European and global dimension requiring students to study geographical processes and their outcomes in places and contexts at a range of scales from local to global.

AS Modules

AS 1: Physical Geography (including fieldwork skills) External examination paper (includes an assessment of fieldwork) 1 hour 30minutes 50% of AS 25% of A Level January and Summer.

Topics: Rivers, Ecosystems, Atmospheric Processes

AS 2: Human Geography (including skills and techniques)

External examination paper (to include an assessment of skills and techniques) 1 hour 30 minutes 50% of AS 25% of A Level January and Summer

Topics: Population, Rural Environments, Development

The Advanced GCE award will be based on aggregation of the marks from the AS (50%) and the A2 (50%).

A2 (A Level) Modules

The full Advanced GCE comprises the AS and the second half of the Advanced GCE course referred to as A2. However, the AS can be taken as a stand-alone qualification without progression to A2.

A2 1: Human Geography and Global Issues

External examination paper 1 hour 30 minutes

25% of A Level January and Summer

Topics: Population, Ethnic Diversity, Global Issues

A2 2: Physical Geography and Decision-Making

External examination paper (to include a decision making exercise) 2 hours 30minutes 25% of A Level Summer only

Topics: Rivers and Coasts, Volcanoes and Earthquakes, Decision Making

For more detail on AS/A Level geography click on specification after following the link: http://www.rewardinglearning.org.uk


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