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Software Systems Development


Software Systems Development

Examination Board: CCEA

Recent media and government communications have highlighted the importance of developing skills that are required to work within the IT industry.

This new qualification is designed to allow students to develop the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills. It includes the essential skills of programming and user testing which are required to work in the fast growing IT sector within Northern Ireland.

The ability to write computer programs in languages that are used widely in the industry is one of the most valuable skills to have in the world today. Knowing languages such as Java and C# allows you to programme and develop applications on a range of platforms such as desktops and mobiles.

This new GCE in Software Systems Development is a qualification in which students develop knowledge, understanding and skills through practical demonstration and/or in a context related to employability. It aims to develop software skills which will prepare students for work in today’s software industry, as well as to enhance students’ understanding of systems approaches. The specification provides a sound basis for progression to further study and a range of interesting careers. It has been designed to help students:

  • develop subject knowledge, understanding and skills that will prepare them for work in today’s software industry;
  • demonstrate their understanding and application of key concepts through challenging internal and external assessments;
  • apply their skills to relevant work-related scenarios; and
  • research, develop and present their findings in a variety of formats.

Content and Assessment - The table below summarises the structure of the AS and A Level courses:




AS 1:

Introduction to

Object Oriented


External written examination 2 hours

Short and extended questions, stimulus response and data response questions based on the principles of

object oriented development

50% of AS


20% of A Level

AS 2:

Event Driven


Internal assessment

Portfolio showing evidence of designing, implementing, testing and evaluating an event driven application

50% of AS


20% of  A Level

A2 1:


Approaches and

Database Concepts

External written examination 2 hours

Short and extended questions relating to current systems approaches and database concepts

These questions are based on a pre-release case study, published in June for the following year’s assessment


30% of

A Level

A2 2:



Internal assessment

Portfolio showing evidence of the analysis, design and implementation of a software solution of a specified problem in a pre-release case study and task, published in

June for the following year’s assessment


30% of

A Level


For more detail on the specification and resources visit the CCEA Software microsite


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