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B.Tech Construction & the Built Environment (Level 3 Diploma) Double Award


Year 13 students are entered for BTEC Level 3 Diploma  In Construction and The Built Environment (CBE) leading to an award at the end of two years equivalent to a double A Level.

Students will be examined in a total of twelve units .

  • Six modules in year 13
  • Six modules in year 14.


Currently in Year 13 pupils will study the following modules.

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Sustainable construction
  3. Maths in Construction
  4. Science and Materials in CBE
  5. Construction technology and design
  6. Building Technology

In Year 14 pupils currently study

  1. Project Management
  2. Graphical detailing
  3. Surveying in CBE
  4. Building Surveying in CBE
  5. Underpinning Science for Human comfort in Buildings
  6. CAD in CBE


Students may be entered for academic year beginning 2017 and for the academic year beginning 2018.

At that stage  a new BTEC National award for Construction may be introduced.


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