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Careers Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG) have a very significant role in the curriculum offered by St Colman's College. The Careers Department oversees the delivery of the CEIAG throughout the College from Years 8 to Year 14. Each student has a discrete period for Careers and Employability on their timetable each week.The vision of the Careers Department mirrors the College vision statements of:

Preparation for Life & Pursuing Excellence

The Careers Department offers personalised advice from Careers teachers within the school and external Careers Advisers from DEL.

The Careers Department has an 'Open Door Policy' whereby students can seek advice about any issue or concern regarding Career Matters.

Pupils, and parents/guardians, may make an appointment to meet with a Careers teacher/ Adviser to assist them in making informed decisions in terms of education, training or employment.

This is particularly important for pupils in Year 12, Year 13 and Year 14. In Year 10 and Year 12, pupils have the opportunity to engage in a Guidance Interview with a member of the Careers Department before making their final GCSE or AS subject choices. Year 10 & 12 Subject Options Evenings for students and parents take place each year in Jan/Feb. Representatives from Universities (including ROI), Careers Service Advisors (DEL) and Higher Education are available to offer advice and support.

Additionally, the Careers Department of Colman's offers post-examination results support to all students.

Career Planning

At each Key Stage in St Colman's, students are timetabled for Careers Education and/or Education for Employability for one period per week.

During these lessons, pupils engage in a progressive Careers programme, including careers research and personal career planning. Pupils are encouraged to reflect on their own skills and interests and to consider their career aspirations. The programmes help students to make decisions in relation to their transition to the next Key Stage in terms of, for example, subject choices.

At Key Stage 3, the Education for Employability programme includes topics such as:

  • Year 8 - Self Development
  • Year 9 - Career Exploration
  • Year 10 - Career Management

Themes contained within these are:

  • Work in the Local and Global Economy;
  • Career Management;
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship; and
  • Subjects in Focus (GCSE).

Key Stage 4, the Careers Education programme includes topics such as:

  • Subjects in Focus (A Level);
  • Career Pathways
  • Further Education;
  • Apprenticeships and Training; and
  • The Application Process.

Key Stage 5, Preparation for 3rd level Education, Higher Education and the World of Work dealing with topics such as:

  • Preparing for Work-Shadowing;
  • Opportunities in Higher Education;
  • Choosing a University Course;
  • UCAS Application;
  • CAO Applications (ROI Universities;
  • The Application and ion Process;
  • Interview Skills Preparation
  • Student Finance; and
  • Making the Transition to Higher Education.
  • Visiting Speakers, Representatives from Universities and Student Finance etc
  • Apprenticeships, Scholarships and Sponsorships.

Careers Information and Guidance

Careers Information embedded throughout the curriculum.

Students obtain Career Information through numerous sources.

  • The Careers Library acts as a primary source of Careers information within the College, here students can access a wealth of careers information. Additionally, each subject department within the school has a dedicated Careers Information Board which includes details such as careers connected to particular subjects or the destination of former students who studied particular subjects. Throughout each year, a number of Guest Speakers, including past pupils, deliver presentations on areas that are linked to current employment trends and their Career Profile.
  • In Year 14, all students have the opportunity to attend Open Day's at Queen's University, Belfast and the University of Ulster. The Careers Department also makes provision, for those who are interested, to attend the Open Day at other universities, including Cambridge and Oxford University. Year 14 students also have the opportunity attend a wide range of Open Days including Medical and Dental and related Open Days organised by the Southern Health Trusts.

Work-Based Learning

Students are given the opportunity to gain experience of the world of work in Career areas of interest.

In Year 13, all students participate in the Work-Shadowing Programme which gives them the opportunity to spend time in companies and organisations locally, nationally and internationally. They will experience the working environment of their chosen job for the week and based upon the experience they can make an informed decision upon pursuing a career in this area.

Following a programme of classes in Interview Skills, Year 14 students participate in the Mock Interview Programme. As part of this programme, a panel of professionals from a wide range of career areas, representatives from universities/colleges and past pupils are in attendance to offer advice and feedback.

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