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In term 1 we established our first ever ‘Digital Technology Advisory Team’ 

This team of volunteer pupils now have a role in advising Head of Digital Learning and Teaching Coordinator Mr McMahon Violet Hill Community in an increasingly Digital age.
Why is such a team necessary?
To discuss and form strategy on:
- Use of devices in school. The pros and cons, are we going in the right direction?
- Use of social media. Do we utilise social media enough or via the right channels? Are we reaching our target audience I.e current pupils, parents, staff and prospective pupils, parents and staff
- What are the realities of the impact of the gaming industry on young people’s lives. Are adults too concerned and needlessly worried about this or are they right to be concerned and forewarned. What can we do to ensure learning is not affected by this ever growing industry
- What can we do to continue to innovate in Digital Technology and show best proactive in NI and beyond?
And more!
Benefits to the pupil’s involved:
1. Adding to your CV.  It’s always great to have something on your CV which stands out and is relevant in 2018
2. Making a real impact on future decisions which will affect your learning
3. Staying up to date with the latest advances in Digital Technology and keeping yourself in the loop with the most up to date information in respect of this 
4. Giving back to the College, helping to shape its future 
5. Creates the right impression amongst your peers and to your teachers. You are someone who is a team player and has more to add outside the classroom
And much more!
Your responsibilities 
This largely depends on the number of pupils that I am able to recruit and the skill set that is presented to me.
All you have to do at this stage is reply to me say you wish to be involved in the team.
We are living through exciting times, in a rapidly evolving digital age. We must ready ourselves for the world of work which is becoming increasingly reliant on technology to exist and prosper.
We must embrace technology and rather than ignore the realities of what is going on we should embrace the digital skills that many of our young people have and use them for good.
This team is not restricted to any age group within the school. We are all impacted by Digital Technology and certainly will be further in all of our futures.

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