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GCSE English Language

Aim or Overview of Subject

The course aims to encourage students to:

-demonstrate skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing necessary to communicate with others confidently, effectively, precisely and appropriately;

-express themselves creatively and imaginatively;

-become critical readers of a range of texts, including multi-modal texts;

-use reading to develop their own skills as writers

-understand the patterns, structures and conventions of written and spoken English

-understand the impact of variations in spoken and written language and how they can relate to identify and cultural diversity; and

-select and adapt speech and writing to different situations and audiences.


Year 11 – Modules

Unit 1: Writing for Purpose and Audience and Reading to Access Non- Fiction and Media Texts

Unit 3: Studying Spoken and Written Language- Controlled Assessment- 2 tasks


Unit 1: End of Year Examination

Unit 3: Controlled Assessment



Year 12 – Modules

Unit 2: Speaking and Listening

Unit 4: Personal or Creative Writing and Reading Literary and Non-Fiction Texts


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