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GCSE Further Mathematics

GCSE Further Maths

GCSE Maths in 1 year followed by GCSE Further Maths in 1 year.

In choosing Further Mathematics students must first complete the CCEA GCSE Mathematics course in one year. Students will be expected to sit Unit T4 and the completion paper T6 at the end of Year 11.



Further Mathematics GCSE covers two broad areas of Mathematics:

Pure Mathematics covering topics such as calculus, trigonometry, logs and matrices

Applied Mathematics involving Mechanics such as Newton’s laws, kinematics & forces and also Statistics such as standard deviation, probability, bivariate analysis & time series.


Examination Structure

  1. Paper 1 Pure Mathematics
    1. worth 50%
    2. calculator
    3. one 2-hr paper
  2. Paper 2 Mechanics & Statistics
    1. 25% each for mechanics & statistics
    2. calculator
    3. one 2-hr paper

Only one tier available

Grades Available         A* to E


Each paper is 2 hrs long.

Further Mathematics GCSE exam scheduled for May/June series of Year 12.


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