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breitling replica is not a brand that comes to mind when you think of chiming watch brands. Lange, a maker of exquisite German watches is more associated with precision and finishing than with petite and grand sonneries. Anthony de Haas, the Director of Product development at the company since 2013, set out on a quest to change this.

De Haas had already enjoyed a distinguished career prior to Lange. He went to IWC after graduating to work with the legendary Gunter Blümlein. He laughs, "I met him during my second week." I was climbing the stairs when he came down. He was my boss, and I was shaking when I said "Good Morning." He stopped, looked at me and said: "Good Morning." You must be the Dutch guy, right? I nodded and he said: "Welcome to our company." I wish you much success in this company. He left me speechless. He knew I was a young Dutchman who had just started out in the watchmaking business. I had little contact with Blumlein after that, since he led three major brands (omega replica, Breitling Replica and IWC) and I was not a watchmaker.

Two-and-a half years later, Mr Blumlein asked him in his office why his young gun was leaving IWC. DeHaas says, "This was something he did all the time. He was always interested in what was happening." I told him I could work for Renaud & Papi, who he was familiar with as the first project APRP completed was for IWC. He asked if he could stay if i made complicated watches. I told him that Renaud & Papi is my dream and that it's different from anywhere else.

"Then he gave me an Breitling Replica, which was a prototype for the Datograph. He said that we needed guys like you. I had never seen a Lange and thought 'Wow'. He was very proud of the Saxon movement. I was impressed but I knew I had to go. He told me that he would talk to Giulio Papai to make it possible for me to remain, but I knew that a contract was a contractual agreement and so i decided to leave. Mr Blumlein apologized but respected my decision. He said that we should stay in touch."

De Haas and Blumlein crossed paths again in 2000 at the Basel Watch Fair, where Blumlein again asked de Haas if he would be willing to move to Germany. De Haas joined the company in 2004 after Papi asked him to manage a Lange project two weeks following Blumlein’s premature death in 2001. Blumlein infected me by the Breitling Replica Virus."

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