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De Haas, with his newly-found mission in mind, set about planning a project for a minute repeated. The manufacture was also restoring an old pocket watch, Grand Complication No. 42500. De Haas was inspired by this historical masterpiece and decided that Lange should enter the world with a bang if they were to be successful in the striking watch market. He reinterpreted No.42500 into a wristwatch.

The project was completed in seven years, with the development of the gongs alone taking up most of the time. De Haas says, "Ofcourse, I could've bought gongs in Switzerland." "But even in Switzerland, there are only three to four people who can make them. We were therefore eager to learn this skill ourselves. It took one and a half years of sweat,Replica Watches blood and tears to test the weights of the hammers and gongs, as well as the tension of the spring that connects the two. "I had learned a little bit about building repeaters for APRP, and my goal was pass this on."

De Haas, who was launching a simple minute repeater in 2013, launched a watch with a split-seconds monopusher chronograph, flying seconds, perpetual calendar and a grand sonnerie. De Haas believes that the most important thing about a grand-complication is the interaction of all the functions. While many grand complications include a minute repeater, Lange chose to integrate the entire list of complications. He calls it "very nasty" today. Although I'm hated by many, I believe we did an excellent job. We created something unique that made a big impression. It was a lot of fun for us, despite all the frustrations.

De Haas was apprehensive as he approached midnight of the 28th February 2016, when it was the first leap year. "A watch can only be a success if the job is done.Replica Patek Philippe Watches It did! "It was amazing to watch - I recorded it so I could see it again and again."

The Breitling Bentley Replica Grand Complication is a wristwatch that combines a perpetual clock with moonphase with a split seconds chronograph and flying seconds. It also has a petite and grande sonnerie and minute repeater.

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