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Moving Image Arts

Moving Image Arts (MIA) offers Year 13 students a unique opportunity to develop and refine their skills as film-makers. It enables students to broaden their experience of audiovisual culture to inform, inspire and contextualise their own creative ideas. MIA is an ideal choice for students wishing to pursue a career in the creative industries, which value and promote independence, originality, creative enterprise and technical skill. The course develops creative and critical abilities in writing, directing, editing, producing and analysing films from a range of contexts and disciplines. MIA is a challenging and rewarding course, offering a solid foundation for progression to higher and further education and the creative industries.


The two externally assessed units in this specification are:

  • Unit AS 2: Critical Response (40% of AS and 16% of A level) 
  • Unit A2 2: Advanced Critical Response (24% of A level)

Both examinations are paperless and completed in a controlled, online environment. Students need to have basic keyboard and navigation skills. Both examinations are available in the summer only.

Internal Assessment

This specification has two internal assessment units:

  • Unit AS 1: Realist and Formalist Techniques and the Classical Hollywood - Foundation Portfolio (60% of AS and 24% of A level)
  • Unit A2 1: Creative Production and Research - Advanced Portfolio (36% of A level)

Both units are available in the summer only.

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