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Physical Education

Physical Education – GCSE Exam

Examination Board – CCEA

People are passionate about sport and physical recreation. They value playing, participating, competing, spectating and volunteering - all of which provide lifelong enjoyment and fulfillment. Sport and physical recreation provide heroes and heroines as well as moments of inspiration that we all celebrate. Physical Education gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills for a balanced, healthy lifestyle as well as participating in a range of practical activities.

In studying this course you will:

• develop your knowledge and understanding of the key points of health, exercise, physical performance and skilled performance;

• focus on how to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle;

• study different types of exercise, methods of training and the effects of physical exercise and training on the body;

• consider the importance of risk assessment for health and safety and how to take steps to reduce these risks; and

• develop useful life skills through participating in a range of physical activities as a participant or a leader and official.





Component 1:

Developing Knowledge,

Understanding and Skills for Balanced, Healthy Lifestyles and Participation in Physical Activities

External Assessment

Students complete one written question paper lasting 1 hour 30 minutes.

The paper covers factors that affect the development of health and peak physical fitness. It contains short answer and multi-part questions.

Students are required to recall, explain and apply concepts, facts, terminology, methods and principles to demonstrate understanding of the subject content.




Component 2:

Developing and Maintaining a Balanced, Healthy Lifestyle

Controlled Assessment

Students are assessed on their evidence of developing and maintaining balanced, healthy lifestyles. This includes their ability to analyse, evaluate, plan, implement, and monitor actions to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.



Component 3:

Individual Performance in

Physical Activities

(a) Analysing, evaluating, planning, implementing and

monitoring actions to improve skilled performance in selected physical activities (10%)


(b) Improving the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of individual performances in physical activities (30%)

Controlled Assessment

Students are assessed on their evidence of improving skilled performance.

Students must complete three individual performances in three different physical activities from at least two of the categories below:

? athletics activities;

? dance activities;

? games activities;

? gymnastics activities;

? outdoor adventure activities;


? specialist activities.

Students are assessed on the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of their performances.









  • Specification link: http://www.ccea.org.uk/physical_education/

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