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GCSE Physics


At KS4 pupils can study Physicsas a separate subject for GCSE or as part of Double Award Science.

Exam board: CCEA www.rewardinglearning.org.uk/

Examination Board - CCEA

What will you learn about?

At GCSE, those opting to study physics will build upon the topics studied at Key Stage 3 and learn about Forces and Motion, Energy, Pressure, Sound, Light, Electricity and the Earth in Space as well as introducing the new topic of Radioactivity. As physics is an experimental subject, there will be a strong emphasis on practical work and students will learn and develop the skills necessary to carry out this aspect.


Why should you choose to study GCSE Physics?

Physicists remain at the forefront of technology and innovation across the world, investigating an array of current issues such to climate change, global energy solutions and cancer therapies. The aim of the GCSE course is to build a solid foundation for those who seek such a career. In addition, those pursuing professions in engineering, medicine or in the financial sector will need to demonstrate an understanding of many of the concepts explored within the subject. Moreover, those choosing physics are afforded opportunities for developing their numerical skill set, allowing for an enhanced understanding of GCSE Mathematics. Hence, the student who would most benefit from studying Physics as a separate science at GCSE is one who intends to study the subject to a higher level such as AS/A Level and/or who wishes to have a wide range of options for study or career choice after AS/A Level.


Over the 2 year course, students will become progressively more informed about the rapidly changing technology around them and develop further their interest and understanding of scientific matters, as well as preparing the demands of AS and A2 study. This is achieved through the use of highly structured ‘Study Guide Books’ that have been developed in the department. The books are based on the CCEA syllabus and subsequently break this down into intended learning objectives for all the topics allowing the student to be fully informed as to the expectations of the course. The study guides point out all the experiments which are required, guide the student through their textbook, outline what notes should be made after reading through the relevant sections and clearly identify the appropriate questions which should be attempted meaning pupils have a reliable plan for success. Students who concentrate in class, draw accurate diagrams, make relevant notes, show all their calculations clearly and engage in regular revision during the two year course will ensure that they achieve their highest level of attainment and develops the skills above and enhances his understanding of Physics.


Physics is an interesting, stimulating and rewarding subject and study at GCSE will ensure a firm foundation for the study of AS/A Level Physics and open up a world of opportunities.


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