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School Liturgies 2018-19

  • It is hoped that for all the Masses throughout the year a number of S3/S4 students and teachers will be available as Eucharistic Ministers.

Term One:


Staff Mass at 9:15 am: Wed 22nd August 2018


J1 Mass at 10am: J1 Induction Morning -Monday 27th August 2018


J1 Class Prayer Services: during RE classes

(organised by RE teacher – resources distributed by Mrs Conlon)


Junior RE classes : Rosary Prayer Service: during RE classes

(organised by RE teacher – resources distributed by Mrs Conlon)


‘Liturgy of the Word’ Group: during the month of October: offer to Junior and Senior students who would like to join and participate in masses throughout the School year. Lead by Mrs Conlon- Blessing given by Fr Des Loughran


November: ‘All Saints and All Souls’:

  • Year Head to lead for each year group during this month. (Year Head will be given guidance/resources for November prayer service by RS Dept.)

Mon 5th Nov: J1

Tues 6th Nov: J2

Wed 7th Nov: J3

Thurs 8th Nov: S1

Fri 9th Nov: S2

Thurs 15th Nov: S3

Fri 16th Nov: S4



RE teachers to lead Advent Prayer Services in College Chapel during Junior RE classes.

Resources to be distributed by C Conlon


Junior Prayer Services – C Conlon to lead Advent prayer services on Monday 17th December for J1/J2/J3 students.

Term Two:

Catholic Schools Week 2019: The work of the Catholic School will be displayed on the G corridor. Assemblies and other events will be organised in line with the annual booklet when it is supplied to the school.


As part of the Religious Studies Programme, S3 students will participate in a retreat led by the Mr Bosco McShane.


Ash Wednesday: Wednesday 6th March 2019

Mass will be celebrated at 8.40am – ashes will be blessed and ready for distribution at 8.40 am on the Wednesday morning. 

Religious Studies teachers and a number of senior students (S4s) will lead the Ash Wednesday Services for each Year Group throughout the day- details to be confirmed.

Period 1: J1

Period 2: J2

Period 3: J3

Period 4: S1

Period 5: S2

Period 6: S3

Period 8: S4


Lent Weekly Masses – Mass will be celebrated on a Tuesday morning (8:40 am) during Lent.

  • Tuesday 12th March 2019

  • Tuesday 19th March 2019

  • Tuesday 26th March 2019

  • Tuesday 2nd April 2019

  • Tuesday 9th April 2019

** Mrs Conlon will co-ordinate readers for Tuesday morning Mass **

Lenten Prayer Services -Through the season of Lent Mrs Conlon will organise and lead prayer services during Junior Lunchtime (Period 6), once a week for Junior students. (Lenten Loyalty Card)

Imaginative Prayer: a small group of S3/S4 students in this during Lent. It will take place during S3/S4 Non–Exam RE. *Mrs Conlon will co-ordinate groups for each of these sessions. *

Sacrament of Reconciliation: will be available for S3s & S4s during Lent- details to be confirmed before Lent regarding dates/ times

Cathedral Lenten Mass and Sponsored Walk – DATE TO BE CONFIRMED

Term 3

J1 Tour of Newry Cathedral: to be organised with Desmond McMahon (02830 264154) *Quiz given to students on tour*

Group 1: J1A – J1C

Group 2: J1D-J1E



S2 Thanksgiving Mass - DATE TO BE CONFIRMED: MAY 2019


S4 Thanksgiving Mass - DATE TO BE CONFIRMED: MAY 2019


St Colman’s Day Friday 7th June 2019 - Mass at 8:40am

(Email and resources sent to staff and students)

End of Year Staff Mass - Friday 28th June 2019


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