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Sociology is the study of society, of people and their behaviour. Essentially it is the academic study of us. Everything we do has sociological implications and studying Sociology feeds into and informs a number of additional disciplines including law, health, crime, media and politics. The issues we explore in the Sociology classroom are directly related to our everyday lives. Such as, what is the role of the family and how important is early socialisation in shaping our future?

A Level students at St. Colmans College have been embarking on a new WJEC course from September 2015. The AS grade accounts for 40% of the final A Level and A2 accounts for 60% of the final grade.

AS Modules

  • Unit 1 Acquiring Culture; Families and Households
  • Unit 2 Methods of Sociological Enquiry; Education

A2 Modules

  • Unit 3 Crime and Deviance
  • Unit 4 Applied methods of Sociological Enquiry; Social Inequality

For more information see the Sociology section of the WJEC website:



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