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Spanish is taught to years 9-14. The department's aims are for the pupils to enjoy learning Spanish and to be proud of their linguistic ability. They are encouraged to build on their learning and experiment with the language whilst working to their full potential in class work and examinations. Pupils are positively praised and should feel confident to express themselves in a supportive atmosphere.


Pupils in Year 9 have two lessons of Spanish per week, and pupils in Year 10 have three lessons per week. The course followed is Viva 1 & Viva 2 in Years 9 & 10. The course followed is Viva in Year 9 and Viva 2 in Year 10. The course has unit tests which pupils sit twice a term to assess progress. These test pupils' progress in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Pupils are set homework in every lesson, including written work, grammar work and vocabulary learning. In total, this homework should take approximately one hour (per week) to complete.



Pupils follow the GCSE Spanish course with CCEA.


A GCSE in Spanish helps students to:

• develop their knowledge of and enthusiasm for language learning skills by providing opportunities for the practical use of Spanish;

• develop the confidence to communicate effectively in Spanish; and

• take their place as citizens in a multilingual, global society.


A Level


Pupils follow the A Level Spanish course with CCEA.


Students develop knowledge and understanding of themes relating to the society and culture, past and present, of a country or community where the Spanish language is spoken.

GCE Spanish gives students the opportunity to explore two broad areas of interest. These are:


• social trends and issues;

• political culture, intellectual culture or artistic culture.


Students explore the areas of interest by studying four themes:

• Relationships (AS);

• Culture and Lifestyle (AS);

• Young People in Society (A2); and

• Our Place in a Changing World (A2).





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