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In St Colman's we have a very active student council that is fully supported and nurtured as we know how much it helps and improves many aspects of school life. The Student Council is an important and useful way for the College to provide leadership and development opportunities for our pupils. The Council is elected by the students in democratic elections at the beginning of the year and comes together  in full council meetings on a regular basis and has representatives across all ages and from all year groups.  The Student Council discuss issues that concern the student body, ensuring that their views are heard at management level and that they have an input into decisions that affect them.

Executive Committee

  • Chair: Niall Conway
  • Deputy Chair: Christopher Morrow/Mark Crummy
  • Secetary: Caolan McConville
  • P.R.O: Brandon Winters/Jack Griffin

Executive Officers

  • J1: Rory Brolly, Lorcan McArdle
  • J2: Jason Connolly, Diarmaid O'Hare
  • J3: Tadhg Byard, Oisin O'Hare
  • S1: Edward Dawson, Connor Mathers
  • S2: Odhran McLernon, Johnny Carr
  • S3: Thomas O'Neill, Conall Scullion
  • S4: Paraig Delahunt, Adam McNeill

ICT Sub-Committee

  • Brandon Winters (Chair), Daire Mallon (Deputy), Christo Polochan

Canteen Sub-Committee

  • Jack Griffin (Chair), Conor Lynch (Deputy), Morgan Andrews, Oisin O'Hare

Student Council Year Group Committees

  • J1: Rory Brolly, Rory Kavanagh, Shane Fegan, Sean Brown, Lorcan McArdle
  • J2: Daire Mallon, Jason Connolly, Diarmuid O'Hare, Niall O'Neill, Reuban Barton, Dara Mulholland, Michael Kerr, Emmet Hosty-Blaney, Dylan Philips, Matthews Poiriom, Rory McGeown, Michael McKey, Niall O'Kane
  • J3: Morgan Andrews, Oisin O'Hare, Tadhg Byard, Daniel Fegan, Oisin McGeown, Mark McCann, Oisin McLorey
  • S1: Christopher Morrow, Jack Griffin, Brandon Winters, Christo Polachan, Connor Mathers, Conor Lynch, Caolan Mallon, Oliver Miller, Edward Dawson, Paraig Travers, Ciall Glymond Magill, Matthew McConville
  • S2: Odhran McLernon, Johnny Carr
  • S3: Thomas O'Neill, Conall Scullion, Cuan Hosty-Blaney, Mark Crummy, Cormac Donnelly, Daniel McShane, Ryan Watters
  • S4: Adam Connolly, Reece O'Hanlon, Ronan Savage, Adam McNeill, Niall Conway, Paraig Delahunt


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