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The Season of Advent

Advent is a term from the Latin word 'Adventus' meaning arrival

It is a time of waiting for the arrival of Christmas, the coming of Jesus to earth when he was born as a baby about 2000 years ago.

Advent is a time when we remember that Jesus came into the world.

The Advent Wreath

The branches are evergreen showing us that God loves us always and are in the shape of a circle to remind us that his love has no end.

There are three purple candles lit; the first on week one, the next on week two and the third on week four. Purple was an expensive dye in old times and a sign of Royalty; these show us that someone very important is coming - "Christ the King".

The pink candle is lit on the third week (Gaudete Sunday) as a sign of Joy.

At the Christmas Eve Mass the pink and all the purple candles are lit as we arrive in Mass and only then is the final central white candle lit. This candle shows us that Jesus is with us.

During this season of Advent make a special effort to attend Mass that is celebrated every Tuesday morning at 8.40am in the College Chapel and Advent Prayer Services for Junior students during Period 6 lunch every Wednesday.

Do something extra this Advent!


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