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In an ever-changing world we have to try and keep abreast of online developments and continue to educate both our children and ourselves as how to use the internet safely. We should try at all times to engender good online practice so that our children mimimise some of the risks that exist online.

As part of our Pastoral Care scheme of work we have delivered a range of materials to teachers, pupils and now parents, that will help both inform and assist them in ensuring that our pupils are fully aware of the risks that they can face online and measures they should be taking to minimise these.

Included below are a range of video clips and documents that have been delivered to parents during our 'Internet Safety Seminar' that takes place in Term 1 each year.

 Please feel free to download the documents / view the presentations online.

How to set parental controls on your home broadband:




How to set parental controls on games consoles / tablets / PC

  • How to set parental controls on a PS4
  • How to set parental controls on an XBox One
  • How to set parental controls on XBox 360
  • How to set parental controls on Nintendo Switch
  • How to set parentl controls on iOs device - iPad / iPhone
  • How to set parental ocntrols on Kindle Fire
  • How to set parental controls on Hudl
  • How to set parental controls on PC - Windows 7
  • How to set parental controls on PC - Windows 8
  • How to set parental controls on PC - Windows 10
  • How to set parental controls on YouTube


Video clips for parents:

CEOP videos (these are a sample of some of the material that we use as part of out Internet Safety scheme of work):

Click here to view the 'Internet Safety for Parents' presentation.

Presentations to Year Groups:

Yr 8 - Accounts, Passwords and Security

Yr 12 - Digital Footprint

Yr 13/14 - Safe and Acceptable Use of the Internet and ICT

Useful Websites

Child Exploitation and Online protection - www.ceop.police.uk

N Ireland Anti-Bullying Forum - http://www.endbullying.org.uk/

 Safeguarding Board N Ireland - http://www.safeguardingni.org/

Thinkyouknow - education programme delivered by St.Colmans - http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/

Official CEOP / TUK videos used in education programme for pupils / parents - www.youtube.co.uk/ceop

CEOP Facebook page - www.facebook.com/ceop

NSPCC Online Safety - NSPCC

  • parents presentation incl lecturer notes

  • beginners guide to facebook

  • vodafone digital parenting


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