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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care deals with the overall development of the pupil; physically, academically, socially, morally and spiritually. It requires a caring commitment by all teachers to guide and advice. It permeates all aspects of school life and contributes to the creation of the school as a caring Christian community of pupils and staff.

The pastoral care programme aims to help our pupils to identify those issues in their lives which they must deal with as part of their personal and emotional development. Together, staff and pupils can identify and adopt the values and attitudes which will guide and support them as they encounter the challenges of the modern world.

Our aim is to equip our pupils to lead fulfilled and contented young lives as competent young men following the ethos of the College.

We promote the physical, academic, social, moral and spiritual development of all pupils through our pastoral care system. We aim to create a positive, well-ordered environment within which effective learning can take place. This is guided by our Positive Behaviour Policy.

Aims of the Positive Behaviour Policy

The College seeks to create a positive, well-ordered environment within which each pupil feels valued and encouraged to contribute positively to his own personal development and to the life of the College. Our Positive Behaviour Policy helps promote this culture. We aim is to bring about self-discipline in every pupil and to help each pupil to grow into a mature, well-rounded individual. We seek to provide our pupils with the skills they need to deal with challenging and difficult issues in their lives while remaining faithful to the values of the Christian Community to which they belong.

Promoting the values of the College requires commitment and co-operation on the part of pupils and staff. Within such a community, everyone feels valued and this leads to mutual respect and personal fulfilment for all. The achievement of these aims requires industry and co-operation on the part of pupils and a high quality of teaching, tutoring and supervision on the part of all staff. It also requires effective leadership on the part of Year Heads, Heads of Department, Senior Leaders, Vice-Principals and the Principal.

Pastoral Structure

Each year is divided into form classes of approximately 25 students.

Students meet with their Form Teacher each morning.

One morning each week the whole year group meets for assembly in the College Chapel.

There are timetabled Form Periods each week for the delivery of the pastoral programme.

Form Teachers have designated time to have one to one contact with members of their Form Class.

The work of the Form Teachers is overseen by a Year Head. The Pastoral system is under the direction of the Vice-Principal (Pastoral).

The Student Welfare Officer deals with all day to day health and well-being issues.

Regular contact is maintained with parents using the homework diary, telephone, e-mail, twitter, via our website and

By Groupcall (text messaging system).

Weekly counselling sessions are also available for all students.


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