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Rewarding Positive Behaviour

St Colman's College recognises academic and extra-curricular achievement in various ways, including:

  • Whole school trips for year groups;
  • Junior and Senior Prize Giving;
  • Groupcall after assessment showing marked improvement;

The College monitors and records achievement through SIMS (the college's MIS system). A positive comment can be awarded for an exceptional contribution to school life. A subject teacher can add positive comments for the form tutor to read and report to home.  If a student has made an effort in the course of a school day he can be awarded a positive comment. For example, if a student:

  • Produces an essay/project which took a lot of extra work or shows marked improvement.
  • Shows initiative to do extended self-study in a topic on an area covered in class.
  • Consistently volunteers to help in the canteen, help the office staff, environment etc.
  • Participates in a school assembly involving a lot of extra time in preparation.
  • Represents the school in an inter school /school competition/ presentation
  • Intervenes positively in a bullying, fight, child protection situation.
  • Makes an exceptional contribution to a charity event.
  • Wins a competition outside school. e.g. sporting, arts etc.
  • Performs solo, a reading etc at a school function.
  • Acts as mentor for another student experiencing difficulty.
  • Shows remarkable and sustained improvements in attendance, punctuality or behaviour.
  • Participates positively in an after school club for a school term.
  • 100% attendance / punctuality for a term / half term.
  • With exceptional circumstances, still maintains school work to a high standard.
  • Who consistently volunteers to improve school life. e.g. School Council, prefect duty etc.

On SIMS, points are given for both positive comments and other behaviours. Points are awarded by the Form Teacher during registration / PSHE class.

Students may earn points for participation in extra-curricular activities at school: further points may be earned by students when they represent the College community at competition level.

Behaviour points (i.e. negatives) are offset by Achievement points (i.e. positives) in the student's conduct record. Assemblies highlight the students and form classes with the most positive comments achieved in the cycle.


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