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  • Mr David Mc Greevy
  • Mr Gary Mc Kenna
  • Mr Brian Stevenson
  • Mr Noel Keenan (Physics Technician)


Physics involves the study of how the world around us works. This study ranges from an analysis of the fundamental particles which make up the protons, neutrons and electrons in the atom to the universe. This is achieved by finding out about and understanding Energy, Forces, Mechanics, Waves, Sound, Light, Electricity, Magnetism, Radioactivity and the Earth in Space. Physics occupies a central position in science linking disciplines from mathematics to medicine and affects every aspect of our lives. The subject at AS and A Level builds on the knowledge and understanding Physics represented in the G.C.S.E. Science: Double Award or G.C.S.E. Science: Physics. The study of science at KS3 is the foundation for progress in Physics at G.C.S.E and AS and A-Level.

All junior forms follow the Northern Ireland curriculum for Science at Key Stage 3.

The programme of study covers four attainment targets.

  • Attainment Target 1 (A T 1): Experimental and Investigative Science.
  • Attainment Target 2 (A T 2): Biology - Living Organisms and Life Processes.
  • Attainment Target 3 (A T 3): Chemistry - Materials and their use.
  • Attainment Target 4 (A T 4): Physics - Physical processes.

In Experimental and Investigative Science (A T 1) pupils are encouraged to develop their experimental and investigative skills and their understanding of Science through systematic experimentation and investigation.

Work within Attainment Target 1 is introduced through knowledge and understanding covered within Attainment Targets 2, 3 and 4.

The Key Stage 3 course is set out as 3 separate areas of Science to give a balance of Biology (A T 2) Chemistry (A T 3) and Physics (A T 4) in each of the Key Stage 3 years. The course is taught as an integrated Science Course.


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